Scientific Program

Scientific Program

Accelerate Your Knowledge

The program is meticulously designed to foster learning, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas across various disciplines within particle therapy.

The PTCOG 62 scientific program is comprised of keynote sessions featuring invited speakers and panels, oral presentations of high-scored peer-reviewed abstracts, and meetings of the Subcommittees of PTCOG. Here's a glance of what's in store:

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Session Highlights

Here's are some of the can't-miss sessions that stand as highlights of the scientific program:
Particle Therapy Real-World Evidence and Innovation
Clinical Panel Discussion: Particle Therapy's Role in Complex Cases
ECR - Open-source Thinking: The Future of Research in Particle Therapy
Advances in Particle Therapy Imaging
Applications of AI in Particle Therapy


Invited Speakers


Scientific Sessions


Accepted Abstracts

Session Formats

The scientific program is structured to cover a wide array of topics, ensuring relevance to all professionals involved in the field of particle therapy, from medical physicists and oncologists to researchers and healthcare providers.

Clinical Panel Discussions

Interactive sessions where a panel of experts discusses practical and clinical aspects of particle therapy, including case studies, treatment strategies, and emerging trends. These discussions encourage audience participation, allowing for a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences.

Industry Symposium

Sponsored presentations by companies involved in the development of particle therapy technologies and services. These sessions provide insights into the latest industry advancements and are not included in the main event’s CME/CPD credit.

Subcommittee Presentations

Presentations by various PTCOG subcommittees, focusing on specific areas of particle therapy, such as technology, clinical trials, and education. These sessions offer detailed updates on the work and findings of the subcommittees.

Plenary Sessions

High-level sessions that cover the main themes of the conference, featuring talks by renowned speakers on topics of broad interest to the particle therapy community. Plenary sessions are designed to be accessible to all attendees, providing updates on the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in the field.

Combined Modality Plenary Session

Sessions that explore the integration of particle therapy with other treatment modalities, such as immunotherapy, highlight synergistic approaches to cancer treatment. These sessions aim to foster interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

Wilson Award Lecture

A prestigious lecture delivered by the recipient of the Wilson Award, recognizing outstanding contributions to the field of particle therapy. This lecture is a highlight of the conference, showcasing excellence in research and clinical practice.

Designed to inform and inspire

By attending these sessions, you will gain invaluable insights into particle therapy, understanding its current challenges, technological advancements, and the potential for future innovations.