PTCOG-ECR Plenary Session

PTCOG-ECR Plenary Session

“Open-Source Thinking: The Future of Data Sharing for Medical Research”

The PTCOG Early Career Researcher (ECR) Subcommittee is excited to present the inaugural ECR plenary session at PTCOG 62, focusing on the role of data sharing in advancing particle therapy research.

With an emphasis on open-source thinking, this session aims to explore the future trajectory of particle therapy research, its potential positive impact on clinical daily practice, and innovative pathways for upcoming generations of researchers.

Date: Thu, 13.06.2024
Session Time: 14:15 – 15:00
Room: Hall 406A

Session Objectives


Discuss and examine open-source methodologies concerning both pre-clinical data and codebases.


Evaluate the challenges and opportunities of data sharing and its role in the future of particle therapy.


Engage in a panel discussion focusing on the importance and practical aspects of data sharing.

The plenary session will focus on open-source data in clinical daily practice and pre-clinical settings.

A survey will be conducted among the participants at the end of the session.

Topics include the benefits and challenges of data sharing, best practices, success stories, standardized data analysis, and open-source code. The discussion on open-source code covers the creation, usage, benefits, challenges, and examples of open-source code projects as well as support from PTCOG. The session will be followed by a Q&A session addressing practical applications in clinical practice, considerations for data confidentiality, the future of data availability, etc.