Educational Program

Educational Program

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PTCOG 62 Educational Program offers a comprehensive and engaging lineup of sessions designed to cater to both seasoned professionals and newcomers in the field of particle therapy.

This educational program is meticulously designed to provide a blend of theoretical knowledge and practical insights, facilitating a deeper understanding of particle therapy's role in advancing cancer care. It features a blend of combined sessions, parallel sessions in physics, clinical topics, and radiotherapy technology (RTT), along with introductions to evolving fields and future outlooks.

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Educational Program Highlights

Day 1: Monday, June 10

Day 1 begins with combined sessions in Summit 1 Hall, starting with a warm welcome and logistics overview, followed by a PTCOG overview highlighting the opportunities within the field. The day continues with a rich schedule of topics including the rationale for using particles in therapy, physics of particle beams, fundamentals of radiation biology, and sessions dedicated to proton therapy for both adult and pediatric cases, as well as re-irradiation techniques.

Day 2: Tuesday, June 11

Day 2 splits into parallel sessions, with Summit 1 Hall covering physics topics like treatment planning, commissioning, and quality assurance, and Summit 2 Hall delving into clinical applications across various cancer types such as prostate, CNS, liver, and breast, among others. Room 331 hosts RTT-related presentations, focusing on practical aspects like immobilization and simulation, imaging verification, and general anesthesia in pediatric care, followed by discussions on treatment planning and interdisciplinary approaches.

The program culminates in sessions introducing evolving fields and future outlooks, such as BNCT and FLASH primers, spatial fractionation, and developments in particle therapy, particularly in Singapore. It also explores translational research in physics and radiobiology, aiming to optimize data generation for future research.

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