Early Career Researchers

Early Career Researchers

PTCOG Early Career Researcher (ECR) Subcommittee

Our mission is to foster collaboration, provide support, and address the unique needs of those navigating their early careers in particle therapy.

The PTCOG Early Career Researcher (ECR) Subcommittee is a dedicated group representing the interests and concerns of emerging researchers and practitioners in PTCOG.

The PTCOG-ECR subcommittee has three co-chairs. These are elected yearly during the general subcommittee meeting at the annual PTCOG conference. A subgroup of ECR members, the Operative Group, is formed annually to actively organize, make decisions, and come up with ideas for activities related to the ECR. The engagement of the whole ECR subcommittee is stimulated by tools like polls, newsletters, and feedback forms, allowing a constant flow of ideas and suggestions.

The PTCOG-ECR Co-chairs

2023/2024 Operative Group

All ECR members will have the opportunity to join the Operative Group for its upcoming 2024/2025 term.

Elena Fogazzi
University of Trento

Gaia Franciosini
Sapienza University of Rome

Hannah Cook
National Physics Laboratory 

Isabella Colizzi
Paul Scherrer Institute 

Jeremy Khong
The Christie NHS Foundation Trust

Nadine Vatterodt
Danish Center for Particle Therapy

Anastasiia Quarz
GSI & TU Darmstadt

Valeria Pascali
University of Pavia

Daniel Ebner
Mayo Clinic 

Marco Battestini
University of Trento

Become a PTCOG-ECR member

Propose ideas, participate in activities, and contribute to shaping the future of particle therapy.

PTCOG-ECR Activities

The PTCOG-ECR subcommittee is thrilled to start the engine of this great community. These are some of the upcoming initiatives:
Slack Networking Platform

Our new Slack platform will serve as an interactive hub for networking and knowledge sharing within the ECR community.

ECR Social and Mentoring Events at PTCOG 62

Connect with fellow ECRs, share your research interests, and build connections ahead of the PTCOG conference. Stay tuned for more details!

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, or if you’d like to share collaboration or job opportunities with ECRs. If you have ideas or suggestions for the subcommittee, please let us know using the PTCOG-ECR new ideas form.